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Handmade and design by SILJATUOMIPUU®                                                 Hip and top ecological choice


I am a visually impaired, middle-aged former IT expert living in a small country-town, Paimio in Finland. Since I started to lose my eye-sight, I took an interest in handcrafting and found a material made of recycled plastic. Now I create and design all kind of baskets by hand for numerous purposes from this colourful material. It is a very durable and light-weight. It is, by nature, very ecological since it is created from used materials. Furthermore, it can be recycled again as recyclable plastic waste, or it can be disposed of as energy waste. This means that we are not creating new waste to our environment, if and when ever it might be time to let go of this great product.

Occasionally I attend some local markets in the nearby areas of Turku. I also make almost any kind of basket upon request. For example, you can define your personal choice by shape, colour, size and purpose.

You are very welcome to browse through this website to find pictures and details of my products. The tab ”Verkkotori” contains all products that are currently in store and available for immediate purchase. I hope to hear from you regarding a new purchase!

To contact me, please use the form below. You can also reach me by email or phone.

Email:      Mobile: +358 40 558 0058

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